November 9, 2014

The Camel Sweater | Fall Inspiration

 photo CamelSweater_zps6200cc7b.jpg  photo Fallfashion_zpsf6dab385.jpg  photo FallInspired_zps54e01846.jpg  photo FallOutfit_zps73a343ff.jpg  photo ZaraHat_zps62ee3821.jpg Camel Sweater photo CamelSweaterampHat_zpsa2f0592e.jpg

Sweater - H&M, Jeans - Stradivarius, Boots - BCBG (similar here and here), Bag - Roots, Hat - Zara 

In case you haven’t pinned enough “fall inspired” fashion outfits, here’s another one for you! Featuring my favorite piece of clothing everrr: the camel sweater.  I can’t tell you how many YEARS…thats right, YEARS I’ve been wanting a camel sweater but in the past I’ve always forgotten to look for ones (I get distracted easily) or the ones I wanted were waaay out of my budget (Anthropologie I’m looking at you!) and so I’ve been missing out on this classical piece of autumnal perfection.  Paired with boots, a hat and the perfect satchel, and you look like you literally might have just stepped out of someone's fall fashion Pinterest board--which is totally fine with me.

After we took these pics, my husband and I strolled into this cute little cafe where I had the most delicious chai tea latte and we sat down to enjoy the afternoon and as we joked and laughed, I thought: what more could I ask for? They say women are complicated creatures and while I agree, I also think we want very simple things: a cute boy who makes you laugh, a delicious chai tea latte and a damn near perfect sweater and you got yourself a happy girl.  

October 22, 2014

Grey Slacks

 photo IMG_6619_zps0b583158.jpg  photo IMG_6572_zpscdd1ef85.jpg  photo IMG_6611_zps818bf3b6.jpg  photo IMG_6585_zps17c73c73.jpg  photo IMG_6571_zpsb4714d0b.jpg

Grey Slacks - Victoria's Secret, Black Sweater - Mango, Heels - Lulu's, Bag - Michael Kors 

Shopping for work appropriate outfits isn't something I particularly enjoy, partly because the style of clothing can look uncomfortable and to be honest, boring.  I'm lucky to work in an office that is "business casual," however sometimes for meetings and things like that, it is nice to dress up a bit.  Usually I always go for a pencil skirt with a silk blouse because you can't go wrong but it is really useful to have a couple of good pairs of slacks that you can wear for work.  That is where these Victoria Secret slacks come in.  They offer structure, a great fit, comfortable material and the slits at the ankles gives a little touch of "unexpected-ness" that keeps the whole outfit from seeming too corporate and boring.  I swoon over little details like that because it is the small things that make all the difference. Also, another tip for work wear is to add a burst of color, either with your handbag or a bright scarf or nice piece of jewelry, to keep everything looking young and fresh. To find your perfect pair of slacks, check out Zara--they have some amazing cuts and styles (per usual).

October 21, 2014

Wardrobe Staple: A Loose Blazer

 photo RippedJeans_zpse00d1687.jpg  photo RippedJeansampHeels_zps9f9387ee.jpg  photo BrownBlazer_zps87bb5356.jpg  photo ZaraBlazer_zps113646f6.jpg  photo BlazerampJeans_zps0e73b4c3.jpg  photo BrownBlazer2_zpsd29491ec.jpgBlazer - Zara AW14 (really love this one) / Black Tank - Old / Ripped Jeans - Express (available here) / Bag - Roots / Heels - Mango (old) similar here 

Sorry for the lack of posts last week-- things got a little crazy.  The long hours at the office and doing school at the same time is really wearing me down.  Plus all the in between stuff that needs to get done, like laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, NEVER ends.  WTF haha.  I'm kinda over being an adult and I really want to know who decided that we should work 5 days a week and only "rest" for two.  All I gotta say is its messed up, you know what I'm saying?

Ok now that I've had my little venting session, I hope you guys enjoy this post! I was really excied when I found this blazer at Zara.  We all know a structured black blazer is a key wardrobe staple but equally as important is the loose blazer.  I was never a fan until I actually tried one on and saw how it can really add that finishing touch to your outfit, especially in this gorgeous, rich brown color that is perfect for the fall season.  Also, I haven't worn ripped jeans like this since high school but I gotta admit I'm kinda really into them.  Hope you all have a lovely week!

October 9, 2014

Style Icon: Kate Moss

 photo KateMossStyle_zps7e1db17f.jpg

Kate Moss is without a doubt one of the biggest fashion influences of our time and will forever be a style icon.  Her innate sense of style goes beyond your average--just threw this old thing on...she literally makes anything look cool.  I was looking at pictures of her on Pinterest and noticed that a) she wears a lot of black and (b) she wears loose, easy fabrics and combines them with casual accessories like a hat or big sunglasses and minimal jewelry.  She's pretty much got the cat eyeliner down and is often seen wearing this look on the red carpet.  She pretty much encompasses everything I enjoy about fashion and just clothes in general.  She makes it look easy and fun.  Which is the most important thing when dressing yourself--have fun with it.  Who cares if its on trend or not or if you're wearing boots that were in seasons ago? If you feel good and confident in your clothes no one will care what brand it is, or if its in season or even how much you paid for it.  Dress for yourself!