October 9, 2014

Style Icon: Kate Moss

 photo KateMossStyle_zps7e1db17f.jpg

Kate Moss is without a doubt one of the biggest fashion influences of our time and will forever be a style icon.  Her innate sense of style goes beyond your average--just threw this old thing on...she literally makes anything look cool.  I was looking at pictures of her on Pinterest and noticed that a) she wears a lot of black and (b) she wears loose, easy fabrics and combines them with casual accessories like a hat or big sunglasses and minimal jewelry.  She's pretty much got the cat eyeliner down and is often seen wearing this look on the red carpet.  She pretty much encompasses everything I enjoy about fashion and just clothes in general.  She makes it look easy and fun.  Which is the most important thing when dressing yourself--have fun with it.  Who cares if its on trend or not or if you're wearing boots that were in seasons ago? If you feel good and confident in your clothes no one will care what brand it is, or if its in season or even how much you paid for it.  Dress for yourself!


  1. I love her style! The pink romper and leather jacket would look so good together. Great post!

  2. I totally agree - Kate Moss will always be a timeless style icon.
    Plaid Is My Favourite Colour