December 4, 2013

Style Icon: Rachel Bilson

Ever since she played the role of the giddy and adorable, Summer Roberts on The O.C., I've had a total girl crush on Rachel Bilson. I always look to her for fashion inspiration as she epitomizes effortless style--the kind that makes you think she just threw on a bunch of random things and just happens to look that great. Whether she's wearing frilly skirts with an edgy boot, a feminine dress with a grungy looking jacket or the perfect skinny jeans paired with a simple t-shirt, she always retains that "oh-I-just-threw-this-on-and-rushed-out-the-door," look that I think we all strive for.  I've always tried to emulate her style in some ways because I really admire her sense of fashion.  She doesn't always follow the latest trends, instead she sticks to what she knows works for her body and mixes classic pieces with bohemian style cuts and fabrics to create her looks. Plus she's just adorable. Who are your favorite style icons? I'd love to know! 


  1. You're right, she is so gorgeous and knows her style! XO

  2. I really like her too, her style is absolutely amazing and looks really effortless. I'm watching her now on Hart of Dixie and I love it :)