December 16, 2013

'Tis The Season for Red

Dress - Victoria's Secret (similar here, here and here), Shoes - Zara, Clutch - Forever 21
I know, I know,a  red dress for the holiday season? How original. But I had to! I mean it is a classic for a reason and in my opinion, there is no better color for the season other than red. Plus this dress is a little different from some of the traditional red dresses out there in that it is a simple dress but the shape of it and the way the fabric gathers at the waist gives it that special little something. This is the kind of dress that would look great on just about anybody because it has such a flattering shape. It is the perfect shade of red, doesn't have any glitter, or embroidery or any of that kind of stuff and it is sensible but still sexy enough for a night out, (meaning you could wear it out for your holiday work party or even for just a night out with your hubby/boyfriend. Best part of all? Its super comfortable! I mean I could eat all night and not have to worry about sucking it in in this dress-- and during this time of year that little bit of help is kind of essential, (I promise to start working out in the new year after the pumpkin pie has had time to settle). The only thing I would add to this outfit is my soon-to-arrive camel coat I ordered online. A black or even a white coat would look great over this dress as well. I hope you enjoyed, thank you for visiting and I hope you find your perfect holiday dress for the season!


  1. You look absolutely gorgeous!!! I love your dress of course, but those heels are so amazing!!! Love them! xox

  2. This dress is perfect on you! You look stunning!

  3. Thank you dear :) that is very sweet of you!

  4. Love this outfit, you look so elegant! :)

  5. You look so gorgeous, I love red dresses for this season, they look amazing!