August 1, 2014

Into the Dots

 photo IMG_4175_zps988c61a3.jpg  photo IMG_4106_zps9556157a.jpg  photo IMG_4128_zpsa44586d2.jpg  photo IMG_4157_zps6ff677f0.jpg  photo IMG_4183_zps56d3e441.jpg   photo IMG_4127_zps323da18e.jpg

Skirt - Forever 21 (find here), Top - Zara (similar here), Shoes - Mango SS 14 (similar style on sale) - Bag - Mango SS 14 (similar here
I've always been a fan of polka dots and I don't think it is a style that will ever really be "out of style." Regardless of the season, they always seem appropriate and there is something really innocent about them.  Another item I can't seem to get enough of are pencil skirts and just skirts in general.  Pencil skirts though are so versatile, stylish, comfortable and well--a bit sexy too. What more could you ask for from one article of clothing?  What items do you guys find yourselves wearing all the time? Are you into the dots too or am I alone on this polka dot thing? I hope you enjoy the pictures! We took them this past weekend and had a blast shooting in this incredible location. Happy Friday!


  1. I agree that polka dots are totally classic. I love them. Also, major bravery points to you for sitting on the edge of that bridge. I think I would be terrified but it is such a cool shot!

  2. This is such an elegant, timeless outfit! It's beautiful,has French vibes! I'd love if you could check out my blog and let me know what you think! I'm not very happy with it, but I don't know how to improve it! Thanks

    Zara x

  3. Love that polka dot top! So classy and chic. Your outfits and photos are on point :)

    Ali |