August 15, 2014

Style Icon: Kate Middleton

 photo 4e7328bf09fb0da539035b06ee9370a6_zps2fd91dae.jpg
*photo courtesy of Pinterest

I have admired Kate Middleton's sense of style since my early days in high school, long before she was a Duchess.  She epitomizes elegance, charm and grace.  Her sense of style embodies so many qualities that I not only admire but aspire to be in some ways. Some people think her style is too safe or "boring" but I mean she isn't just any other celebrity and I think the way she dresses says a lot about the level of respect she has for herself and for others as well. Her outfits are always so lady like and sophisticated and I think there is nothing boring about that.  The girl even looks chic in plain jeans, sneakers and a jacket--jealous much? I know I am.  I've put together a little collage of some of Kate's staple wardrobe pieces that I think every girl needs--princess or not. :) photo 186abf9120eb9b1f98ac79875f417876_zps22be4521.jpg


  1. She is so classy and elegant. I think she is lovely.

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