September 19, 2014

Nudes for Fall

 photo NudesforFall_zps4838f7cd.jpg

I LOVE anything nude. Wait, that sounds wrong. I mean I love neutral, flesh toned colors that are almost pink but leaning towards more of a beigy rose follow? I think these colors are just so perfect for any time of year but especially for fall.  Not that California weather is even close to being fall-like but as I sit here typing away, I'm dreaming of hot, frothy pumpkin lattes, comfy riding boots, and the coziest of cozy beige/nude sweaters.  BUT since it isn't fall yet, I can't get away with walking around in boots just yet--but these brown ankle-strapped heels may hold me over me until I can slip on my boots.  Oh and may I just say that ripped jeans are the shizzzz.  They really spruce up an outfit which is so weird given that they're in fact ripped.  


  1. Nude is so chic, and always looks classy! I love this outfit, especially the pop of red nail polish. I'm in desperate need of a mani and this is such a pretty color.

  2. Beautiful fashion sense - I love those jeans!

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