September 9, 2014


 photo IMG_5582_zpsca429cf0.jpg  photo IMG_5456_zpsa0061b01.jpg  photo IMG_5547_zps4a5245ea.jpg  photo IMG_5474_zps82a7be45.jpg  photo IMG_5601_zps6fe628a6.jpg

Blouse - Lulu's (available here), Striped Skirt - H&M (similar here), Ankle Strap Heels - Lulu's (only $24 bucks! Get 'em HERE), Bag - Mango SS14

I had some reservations about pairing this navy striped skirt with a burgundy blouse because I didn't know if it would work--especially with the black heels. But I ended up loving this outfit.  Kind of an unexpected combination but sometimes the best outfits are created when we're literally rushing out the door and don't have time to over analyze and have that internal debate on whether the outfit works or not.  I like the idea of just going for it--not just when it comes to pairing outfits but with anything in life.  Some of my best decisions were a direct result of me not over thinking and analyzing and just going with what I felt was right in that moment. Over analyzing just confuses me and at the end of going around in circles you're back to square one.  Don't wanna get all deep up in here but you know what I mean.  Sometimes you really do need to just go with your gut!  Now I think I must leave as my gut is telling me that I must eat that delicious home made chocolate chip cookie on the kitchen counter.  Who cares if its my 5th cookie of the night? I must go with my gut.


  1. Definitely been in the 'over analyzing the outfit' cycle before... Haha! =) Love the whole look!

  2. So pretty! I love the striped skirt and solid top..the color is so pretty! Your style is so cute!

  3. I always over analyze my outfits! But I love this outfit, super cute! The navy skirt and that shirt actually look great together! You look gorgeous <3 Mckenzie
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